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    When we looked at the highest performers, we observed that there are five ways they’re continually reinventing themselves.

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Local heroes fuel Chinese consumers' growing confidence

Chinese consumers are eager to support local brands that stand tall on the global stage. As Chinese companies increasingly demonstrate world-leading innovations, people and businesses alike are more confident and ambitious. And as appreciation of Chinese heritage continues to grow, one of the most striking findings in our Index is the surge of local brands.

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International brands with strong relevance continue to be embraced

Chinese consumers are as pragmatic as ever, attracted to brands that continue to deepen their role in the daily lives of consumers – even if they come from companies outside China. The products and services people find most relevant are those that are dependable, consistent and so helpful that consumers can’t imagine living without them. Those traits power companies like Android (#3), Intel (#9) and Microsoft (#12).

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Moving beyond technology to deliver unique, meaningful experiences

Between digital this, smart that, 5G, AI, VR, AR and IoT, there are hundreds of digital acronyms and buzzwords competing for attention every minute of every day. And Chinese consumers are very open to them, willing to put themselves on the bleeding edge of tech and devices. But the most admired brands are those that make new tech relevant by adding fun, convenience and practical benefits.

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Better access in lower-tier cities leads to more expansive opportunities

Lower-tier cities used to be regarded as less sophisticated. For many companies, winning with these consumers meant simply pushing what was popular in higher-tier cities. But as the internet and logistics have brought people from all over China closer, people in lower-tier cities are no longer trend followers. They have impressive purchasing power and set trends themselves. Brands that embrace that fresh mindset are gaining relevance.

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Engaging customers in meaningful, multi-dimensional ways

Successful brands know how to create customer experiences that matter to people. Many of the companies that dominate our Index artfully combine the physical and digital to create experiences that customers find remarkable and rewarding. These experiences allow brands to go beyond transactions and create deeper relationships with customers through offering discovery, entertainment, co-creation and engagement with friends and communities.

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Relevance can be achieved through different avenues.

Relevance can be achieved through different avenues.

The brands at the top rise in the rankings because their leaders deploy a variety of relevance-building tactics at their disposal—pulling the levers in various combinations.

They have a commitment to being purpose-led, curating experiences that differentiate and rise above the rest and empowering their employees to play a key part in their marketing strategy. They focus on innovation and learn and execute based on data-rich insights. These insights create the ideas that drive growth in both the near and long-term.

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