• Defining

    Relevant brands make bold moves that amaze customers, push competitors out of consideration and – at times – define entirely new categories and markets. And they do it while remaining unwaveringly authentic to who they are.

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Brands we
can't imagine
living without

These brands invest in, create and bring to market products designed to meet important needs in peoples' lives.

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Brands we
depend on

These brands make customers’ lives easier, deliver consistent experiences and make good on their promises.

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Brands that

These brands make emotional connections, earn trust and often exist to fulfill a larger purpose.

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Brands that consistently innovate

These brands push the status quo and engage with customers in new and creative ways.

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Activating relevance

Activating relevance

For over 100 years, brands have been built a certain way. But the modern world demands something new. Prophet has played a pivotal role in shaping brand strategy – it’s our heritage and our future. With the launch of the BRI, we set out to learn more about relevance and ultimately answer the question, “What does it take to build a relentlessly relevant brand?”


Note: based on publicly available financials for all publicly traded brands within the top 50 in the UK 2018 BRI

Learn how you can drive growth by becoming a brand that is relentlessly relevant to consumers.

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