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    Discover four tactics to accelerate brand relevance in both the near and long-term.

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Purpose-Driven Brands Just Got Hotter

With growing calls for environmental reform falling on the deaf ears of national government, it’s no surprise that conscious consumerism is on the rise. Brands can no longer rely on the strength of their messaging alone as consumers turn to brands operating with purpose and shared values.

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Building Community Builds Belonging

E-commerce may have connected us to the entire world via transactions, but an increasingly digital, modern lifestyle has created a hunger for authentic interactions. Brands that stand out and in turn, earn customer loyalty, are the ones tapping into the communal dynamic to give customers a sense of belonging.

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Partnering for Experience Excellence

Today a ‘do-it-alone’ approach is not the best strategy for growth. Many of this year’s top performing brands are broadening their relevance with strategic partnerships, turning to others in order to scale innovation and deliver on what their customers need now, and in the future.

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Access Trumps Ownership

Ownership continues to lose its value as many of the top-scoring brands in this year’s Index are those that offer cost-effective, convenient access to experiential products and services. As a result, we’re seeing many traditional brands shaking up their models.

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Relevance can be achieved through different avenues.

Relevance can be achieved through different avenues.

The brands at the top rise in the rankings because their leaders deploy a variety of relevance-building tactics at their disposal—pulling the levers in various combinations.

They have a commitment to being purpose-led, curating experiences that differentiate and rise above the rest and empowering their employees to play a key part in their marketing strategy. They focus on innovation and learn and execute based on data-rich insights. These insights create the ideas that drive growth in both the near and long-term.

Learn how you can drive growth by becoming a brand that is relentlessly relevant to consumers.

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